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Bac Ha Market, Vietnam

The Bac Ha market happens each Sunday, from morning to 14 hours. It is a perfect goal when go in Vietnam to find the normal social parts of minority ethnic gatherings in the North West heap of Vietnam.

Situated on the high mountains, at around 76 km from Lao Cai, the outskirt city with China, to go to Bac Ha market, explorers must pass numerous high passes – geographical elements in the north heap of Vietnam. In transit, you’ll see numerous ethnic gatherings: Hmong, Dao … in conventional ensemble extremely bright who convey the items available to be purchased to the Bac Ha market.

As an attractive destination while travel in Vietnam and popularly known as the largest market in the mountainous areas in Lao Cai, many traders come here for the exchange of trade, but the Bac Ha market manages to preserve traditional styles. Coming there, people can find all the necessary elements for everyday life: hoes, shovels, fabrics, horses, buffalo … that divide very clearly into smaller markets to facilitate research.

In the Bac Ha market, the most colorful part is the location selling the tissue of the Flower Hmong people. From the outside to the entrance, you will see many small stalls selling wallets, handbags, towels … which are very colorful and embroidered by hand.

By going deep into the market, you will see the skirts, hats … of all colors that are hung or in the ground. Each product requires a month or even a year to be completed, depending on the size, the degree of difficulty…

The place to sell buffalos on a hill is a lively place in Bac Ha market. Here you will see several races: white, black buffalos, males, females. Prices vary depending on the intended use, for work or for meat. The process of choosing the buffalo is very strict, almost exclusively with participation of local men. Many people must bring their buffaloes at home because they can not sell them.

Under the buffalo market, this is the sale of dogs of a particular race of Hmong and Dao ethnic groups. Many people from the plains come here to choose dogs of Bac Ha which are well known by faithfulness. Next to the market of dog, this is the part of poultry…

A specialty not to be missed at the Bac Ha market is Thang Co hot pot in the gourmet part. Traditionally, this hot pot is made with horse meat but today there is also Thang Co with beef, pork, buffalo…. In the cold freeze, enjoy Thang Co with corn alcohol is a memory difficult to forget…

During the travel Vietnam, the Bac Ha market is an attractive destination to plunge yourself in a particular space of cultural exchange of ethnic groups in the north. So, send us an email to: for more free details on the Bac Ha market when preparing your travel in Vietnam.